Katana as she appears in the Injustice 2 Comics

Real Name:

Tatsu Yamashiro






Ra's Al Ghul (forced), Suicide Squad (forced), The Insurgence (former)

Katana is a chinese vigilante who is in possesion of the Soultaker Sword, who holds the soul of those who died by the sword. Katana allied herself for a short time with the Insurgence, but after the events of Ground Zero, she was captured and forced back in the Suicide Squad.

Injustice Comic Edit

Ground Zero Edit

Injustice 2 Comic Edit

Year One Edit

Powers and abilities Edit

  • Soultaker Sword: The Soultaker is a samurai sword capable of extracting the souls from those killed by the wielder. The wielder can then communicate with the imprisoned spirit of the killed one. Katana's husband is one of the imprisoned spirits.
  • Swordmanship: She was trained by Samurai mentors.

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