Man-Bat as he appears in Injustice Ground Zero

Real Name:

Kirk Langstrom






Suicide Squad

Man-Bat was a criminal mainly operating in Gotham City.

Injustice Comic Edit

Year Five Edit

Man-Bat was with Black Mask, Scarecrow ([Non-Canon]), Tweedledum, Tweedledee, Bronze Tiger and Mad Hatter, when they were attacked by Damian Wayne as he was first wearing the Nightwing suit. He defeated the enemies quite easily until Bronze Tiger and co attacked him. He was later on tied up by Bronze Tiger, possesed by the new Deadman, who's spirit was the original Nightwing.

He was later on put on a team for villains who would work for the Regime.

Ground Zero Edit

Injustice 2 Comic Edit

Year One Edit

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