Mirror Master
Mirror Master
Mirror Master as he is seen in the Injustice Comic (Year One)

Real Name:

Samuel Joseph Scudder




Unknown (presumably deceased)


The Rogues, The Insurgence (former)

Mirror Master was a criminal who uses his Mirror Belt to commit several robberies.

Injustice Gods Among Us (comic) Edit

Year One Edit

Mirror Master was recruited by The President to take Superman's parents captive, until Superman stops what he is doing. After Superman called the entire Justice League to help him in his search for Mirror Master, he was found in a bar and was captured by Raven, The Flash and Wonder Woman. After he confessed the place of captivity, Superman wents to retrieve his parents.

Year Five Edit

Mirror Master took over as leader of the Rogues, since Captain Cold was gone.

After Batman found the Rogues, he gave them an offer to join The Insurgence, which they took.

Mirror Master witnessed the fight between Batman, Batwoman, Harley Quinn, Killer Frost, Bane, Wonder Woman and Superman. He used his Mirror Belt afterwards to teleport them away safely.

When Smallville gave Superman his own statue, The Rogues attacked the celebration and destroyed the statue, leaving Superman in rage.

The Rogues later took a lot of Regime Soldiers captive, until Bizarro showed up on the set. Bizarro fought the Rogues, but killed Weather Wizard and Heatwave after Weather Wizard called him 'fake Superman'. Mirror Master got unconsious during the fight. Golden Glider got the chance to take her and Mirror Master with the Mirror Belt out of there, thanks to the Trickster who was holding Bizarro busy.

Golden Glider and Mirror Master later reported the event to Batman.

Samuel and Lisa later hold a moment of silence for their fallen comrades in Lennert's favourite bar. The Flash joined them and told them that they wouldn't be captured today, because of his respect towards the Rogues.

Even know it was never said, the remaining Rogues left the Insurgence shortly afterwards.

Injustice 2 Edit

The Rogues were killed by Black Adam (according to his dialogue) at some point. It's unclear if Mirror Master was with them, but since there aren't many Rogues in the Injusticeverse left, he was probably part of them.