Polka Dot Man
Polka Dot Man as he appears in Injustice 2 #3

Real Name:

Abner Krill






Task Force X (unwillingly)

Abner Krill is a Batman villain who mainly used Gotham as place of operation.

Injustice 2 Comic Edit

Year One Edit

Abner was present with the whole Task Force X. (Injustice 2 #1)

He later on witnessed the death of Rick Flag and Amanda Waller at the hands of "Batman". (Injustice 2 #2)

When "Batman" was evaluating the team, he saw Abner as useless and killed him on the spot by activating the bomb in his head. (Injustice 2 #3)

Powers/Abilities Edit

  • Gimmicked dots: every dot on his suit has a certain capability. Some can used as projectiles, some as bombs, ...

Gallery Edit

PDM Death

Death of Polka Dot Man / Crazy Quilt

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